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Click Chiropractic
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 38 reviews
 by Mike Scoular

Was in a lot of pain and discomfort with my leg. A few sessions with Click Chiropractor Michael improved things considerably. Would thoroughly recommend Michael to anyone requiring help.

 by Grant Denholm
Amazing change

I was recommended to Michael after suffering from lower back pain for a while. Even just after 6 sessions, the change has been remarkable and I'm almost pain free.

Michael took the time to really understand my issues and work out the best plan of action. I've been really impressed with the Activator Method which, in my case, has been completely painless to administer but has made a huge difference. I'm almost back to normal activity which is something I just couldn't contemplate a few weeks ago.

I'd recommend Michael to anyone with back pain.

 by Jennifer

I have had back trouble for years now and only recently had the Financial stability to do anything about it. Michael was brilliant started off with a phone consultation and he made me feel so at ease. I spoke him through my back issues and he was brilliant. Our 1st session he had me in tears (because of my pain) but 48hours afterwards I felt like he had replaced my back with someone elses. It made me look forward to the next meeting. He also advised me that my legs had a 3cm difference in length between them and that was alot but he was brilliant and after a couple months i am now at 0.25cm of a difference. If i do as advised and do the exercises, keep walking and doing everything right I can now go atleast 2 weeks with no pain. (Christmas coming up about to attempt 5weeks) I feel amazing and Michael has been brilliant, no tears since the 1st session bur hey no pain no gain and I have certainly gained from going to Michael.

I can now sit on the floor and play games/jigsaws with my daughter and muck about with her in ways i couldnt before. From barely being able to walk to being a different person in such a shirt time!!!

I genuinely cannot recommend Michael enough. Ive already recommended him to friends.

 by Frank Smith
Would definitely recommend

My doctor advised me to consult a chiropractor for what I thought was a trapped nerve. From my first treatment with Michael which turns out I had a misaligned hip, the first treatment got me walking pain free walking still a few more treatments to go. Would highly recommend Michaels chiropractic services to anyone great value for money.

 by Diane

I have been going to Michael for 9 sessions and what a difference he has made in this short time , I had taken sciatica and was in agony with my back , my son recommended Michael to me , I went to see him and he knew straight away my problem, I would have been better sooner but I had a fall midway through my treatment and it set me back a bit , I had now knocked my pelvis out of place which Michael had sorted now , so on the road to recovery, the best thing about Michael is I now drink 3/4 litres of water a day now before going to Michael I would have 6 mint teas in a whole day . He is a great guy , friendly and very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend Michael at click to sort you out .

 by Fareeha
Excellent work

Experiencing a lot of pain in my knees/hips/lower back, to the point it effected my day to day routine and work a lot. I was told I required a metal knee at some point in my life. However after working with Michael and his work it has completely resolved. Absolutely worth the time, effort and money. Michael is very professional, respectful and knowledgable. He knows what he is doing and what the outcomes can be. He is very realistic in his outcomes. Michael’s work is absolutely exceptional, something I would never have thought to get before my ‘last resort’. Michael has a lot of knowledge, which is shown through his work and dedication.
I never thought I would get this much relief or such an high expectation, I was always told there is no solution but surgery. The amount of relief and day to day activities I can achieve is unbelievable.
Best thing I have ever invested in and will continue to.
Feel like brand new!
Thanks lots 🙂

 by Hannah Miller
Goodbye migraines!

I went to Michael after suffering with migraines, cervicogenic headaches, neck and arm pains for over 2 years. I was a little skeptical about how much relief I would get from this alternative therapy but, Michael convinced me. On a few occasions I went to Michael with a cluster of migraines and within 10 minutes he had stopped it coming back. I have a new lease of life and I rest assured that if I sustain an injury then Michael can sort me out again! Thank you again Michael.

 by Tony
Excellent service

Michael has done wonders for my problems and would highly recommend his practice for all sorts of problems. Within a few weeks I felt much better not only physically but mentally too. Thank you Michael

 by Kris K

I struggled with a back injury for a few months before visiting Michael and admitting that i could no longer suffer in silence. Those few months seem like a pointless period of suffering un-necessarily as after 2/3 visits to Michael and understanding the cause and treatment plan, the pain had dissipated massively and I was able to move far more freely whilst completing tasks that were beyond me.
Michael is conscientious, knowledgeable and courteous and is able to effect real change in pain management and recovery expectations. If you have any doubts at all, contact him and you shall instantly realise that he is at the apex of folk in Edinburgh in alleviating pain. Thoroughly recommended.

 by Alan Clark

I had been suffering from chronic neck pain for several years. It was extremely annoying and I had just accepted I would have to live with it. One day though, I decided I would give chiropractor a try, I had nothing to lose after all. I must say it was the best thing I ever done! Michael was great, he explained everything to me and helped me relax, and dealt with the current COVID situation in a very helpful and professional manner. The treatment was extremely professional and I am now pain free for the first time in over 5 years. I would definitely recommend Michael to any of my friends and family. Thanks again!

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