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by Kris K on Click Chiropractic

I struggled with a back injury for a few months before visiting Michael and admitting that i could no longer suffer in silence. Those few months seem like a pointless period of suffering un-necessarily as after 2/3 visits to Michael and understanding the cause and treatment plan, the pain had dissipated massively and I was able to move far more freely whilst completing tasks that were beyond me.<br />Michael is conscientious, knowledgeable and courteous and is able to effect real change in pain management and recovery expectations. If you have any doubts at all, contact him and you shall instantly realise that he is at the apex of folk in Edinburgh in alleviating pain. Thoroughly recommended.

by Alan Clark on Click Chiropractic

I had been suffering from chronic neck pain for several years. It was extremely annoying and I had just accepted I would have to live with it. One day though, I decided I would give chiropractor a try, I had nothing to lose after all. I must say it was the best thing I ever done! Michael was great, he explained everything to me and helped me relax, and dealt with the current COVID situation in a very helpful and professional manner. The treatment was extremely professional and I am now pain free for the first time in over 5 years. I would definitely recommend Michael to any of my friends and family. Thanks again!

by John Fairley on Click Chiropractic

Michael sorted out my two problems which were slipped disk also frozen due to the accident I had that were not picked up by doctor, fantasist service would highly recommend

by Elizabeth Swinton on Click Chiropractic
Best Thing I Ever Done

I damaged my back 7 months ago trying to move a cooker. I made a consultation with Michael. Michael was so easy to talk to and he explained my treatment to me. I found him to be very professional and efficient. I have had 7 treatments and have noticed a vast improvement with my movement and the pain has definitely improved. Michael did an alignment on my back. I wish I had dealt with this earlier instead of thinking the pain would just go away. I am so happy to not be agony anymore. Definitely the best thing I ever done.

by Neil Forbes on Click Chiropractic

I had several months suffering from neck pain, which was progressively getting worse ,<br />However after 5 sessions with Michael, I felt a huge shift in the pain, and after a few weeks of the advised exercise I have complete pain relief<br />Michael was thorough during the whole process and fully explained every step putting me at ease and comfortable in his hands.<br />Thanks Michael

by Richy Anthony on Click Chiropractic
Back treatment

I was in a lot of pain with my back<br />Being in the building trade and taking years of abuse my back was in a bad way.<br />I have a herniated disc.<br />With ongoing treatment with Michael it's turned my life around.<br />Can't thank click chiropractors enough<br />Highly recommended

by Douglas on Click Chiropractic

Went to see Michael suffering sever pains in my left shoulder and arm. Turned out it was a trapped nerve in my neck, Micheal work on me and with in a few weeks of treatment and exercises that Michael advised I was on the road to full recovery, I would defiantly recommend Michael and I for one will be keeping his number in my phone just in case of any future problems

by David on Click Chiropractic
Great service

Fantastic service highly recommend Micheal of you have any back issues fixed my back in 4 visits after having had lower back issues and numb and heavy legs for 5 years. Worth every penny wouldn't look anywhere else to get my back fixed ever again.

by Nicol on Click Chiropractic
Click Chairopractic

I have had back problems for years but never managed to get it sorted.<br />Michael was recommended to me via BNI networking group.<br />Within two weeks my condition improved dramatically. I would highly recommend him to anyone with any problems<br />Nicol Cunningham

by David Liston on Click Chiropractic
Glad I found click chiropractic

So glad I found Micheal up at Cameron toll had constant lower back pain for 5 years and heavy legs due to a back injury years ago. Been to see Micheal 4 times for treatment and can say all my lower back pain is gone and the heavy legs are gone aswell.<br />Wouldn't want anyone else now to treat my back still can't believe that after 4 treatments the pain I'd put up with for years is gone. Highly recommend Micheal to everyone professional great service worth every penny.

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